Wolfgang Dittmar

S4 Margin Analysis vs SAP S4 Hana COPA 

- avoid the term COPA when moving to S4 as too many people will associate with old transactions like KE24, KE30
- accounting based Margin Analysis with the universal ledger is now in place
- S4 has the standard Fiori apps "market segments"
- expect major resistance from the COPA users

proposals for solutions?
- implement a strong change management

What is new?
- ACDOCA is the source
- incoming orders analytics (COPA type "A") moved to Ledger 0E, which needs additional customizing
- sales orders can have actual postings over many periods. COPA used settlement logic to post into ONE period
- standard market segment apps have "year" as mandatory field -> risk that you can not see all postings
- nice try from SAP: some standard market segment apps do not have sales orders as available field

- prepare the users for big changes
- Margin Analysis apps are far from perfect but they will be further developed
- do not even try to replicate the old COPA
- do a deep dive for account based reporting
- do a deep dive for semantic tags reporting. Useful when you are 98% confident about FI/CO postings
- if your company must have SD conditions inside margin analysis, prepare for more custom reports
- consider Power BI as sole reporting tool


Example of P&L postings for ONE sales order, invoiced in April 22

- postings starting in Nov 21: variances from purchased parts directly related to the sales order
- variances from production orders start in Dez 21
- even in May 22, after invoicing, there can be postings, eg supplier invoices from suppliers create price variance postings
- as this sales order has postings for more than one year, SAP standard market segment apps fail to show the full picture

Using Power BI with the ACDOCA data you can get the full picture:

sales order postings - possible for many periods