Wolfgang Dittmar

SAP Hana + OData + Power BI 

SAP data can be accessed via Power Query using connector "OData feed"
Available services can be found with transaction code n/iwfnd/maint_service
Copy a service in column "External Service Name" and connect to the data with PBI OData feed: http://DEFAULT_HOST/sap/opu/odata/sap/'service name'

For a first check how many rows are in the table go for:
http:// "your SAP Port" /sap/opu/odata/sap/FAC_GLV_GL_ACCOUNT_LINE_ITEMS_SRV/I_OperationalAcctgDocItem/$count

Some services require mandatory inputs. Modify the URL accordingly. Example: 'service name'/C_StkKPITimeSeriesComprnQry(P_StartDateOfPreviousPeriod= 'NNN')

Example for connecting to a CDS View and retrieving 382 data columns

Download PBI file


Example 1 to connect:
Goto Power BI Get Data (Power Query).
You can determine the first part of the URL with SAP port number when you open any html Fiori app

Available tables will appear.
In the image the most right column is a custom m-code column showing the current row count of each table. Click in a cell of the Data column to see a preview of the content. Carfefully, a click on "Table" adds another query step.
C_ tables indicate transaction data, I_ tables interface data aka master data and header data.


Example 2 to connect:
Procurement report for material related purchasing
Note the Power Query OData feed sends two filters to the database at the end of the M code:
document type and material number:

View "I_OperationalAcctgDocItem" is lacking text informations eg for supplier name, material description…
Example to get the master data for suppliers:
https:// "your SAP Port" /sap/opu/odata/sap/C_SUPPLIER_FS_SRV/C_SupplierFs





Advanced cost center reporting with CDS View C_CostCenterCommitment
Direct connection via OData is available